Monday, November 12, 2012

About us

About Nature Maiden® Soap & Candle

Simpler is better

The Nature Maiden® product line i the creation of Connie McCaffery and was launched in 2007.

Nature Maiden products are handcrafted with premium waxes, oils and butters. The Nature Maiden® line includes soaps, candles, dog products, lip balms, sprays, natural bug repellents, unscented products and more. All products can be purchased online through the website. Learn about the Ingredients used and their benefits.

We feel that Nature Maiden products are gentler on your skin than most you'd buy in any store. Most of those ingredients we use are derived from Nature, such as the butters, waxes and oils. Why buy expensive chemically produced products, when you can use a natural alternative?

If you have any questions, Contact me. I’ll respond the same day.

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